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Alice In Chains - Dirt LP (180g)

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Alice In Chains' sophomore 1992 masterpiece Dirt was a milestone of the early '90s grunge-genre and it stands up tall against anything else from that era. The dark 13-song set finds enigmatic frontman Layne Staley and his afflictions perfectly matched by the moody songwriting and tuned down guitars of Jerry Cantrell and company. The band's ability to document their torment was like no other and most of the rumors that surrounded the album and Staley's lifestyle have proven to be true which makes it as captivating a listen today as ever. Includes the singles "Would?," "Them Bones" and "Down in a Hole" plus fan favorites "Rooster" and "Angry Chair."
Track Listing:
1.  Them Bones
2.  Dam That River
3.  Rain When I Die
4.  Down In A Hole
5.  Sickman
6.  Rooster
7.  Junkhead
8.  Dirt
9.  God Smack
10. Iron Man
11. Hate To Feel
12. Angry Chair
13. Would?


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