Beat Street Records

Classic Hip Hop Mastercuts Volume 2 Cassette


Original sealed deadstock cassette.


A1     –T La Rock & Jazzy Jay     It's Yours (Scratch Party Death Mix)     4:30
A2     –Ultramagnetic MC's     Chorus Line Pt. 2 (Vocal Version)     5:46
A3     –Beastie Boys     It's The New Style (Original Version)     4:53
A4     –Digital Underground     The Humpty Dance (Hump Mix)     6:32
A5     –De La Soul     Buddy (Native Tongue Decision Version)     7:17
A6     –Public Enemy     Rebel Without A Pause (Vocal Version)     4:18
B1     –MC Lyte     Paper Thin (Album Version)     5:14
B2     –Big Daddy Kane     Wrath Of Kane (Vocal Version)     3:50
B3     –Main Source     Peace Is Not The Word To Play (12" Remix Version)     7:03
B4     –Master Ace*     Letter To The Better (Vocal Version)     4:56
B5     –Uptown (3)     Dope On Plastic (Vocal Version)     4:11
B6     –Black Sheep     The Choice Is Yours (Revisited Version)     3:24


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