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For The People Part 1 ( 5x7" Box Set )

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Five 7-inch singles with deluxe embossed carrying case. Limited edition of 1,500 hand-numbered boxes worldwide.
Each 45 has been lovingly re-created with visuals taken from the original artwork. And beyond the singles themselves, this set includes a deluxe, cloth-covered carrying case with a People Records logo on the exterior and purple People embossing throughout the interior.
Featured 45s include James Brown’s “Escape-ism” (1971); Lyn Collins’ “Think (About It)” (1972); Fred Wesley & The JBs’ “Same Beat” (1973); The Devils’ “X-Sorcist” (1974); and Maceo & The Macks’ “Cross The Track (We Better Go Back)” (1974). This is a soul, funk and hip-hop DJ’s dream!
For the People Part 1 Box Set Contents:
A1. Fred Wesley & The JBs - Same Beat (Pt. 1) 
B1. Fred Wesley & The JBs - Same Beat (Pts. 2 & 3) 
A1. James Brown - Escape-ism (Pt. 1) 
B1. James Brown - Escape-ism (Pts. 2 & 3) 
A1. The Devils - X-Sorcist 
B1. The Devils - Hip Hug-Her 
A1. Maceo & The Macks - Cross The Track (We Better Go Back) 
B1. Maceo & The Macks -  The Soul Of A Black Man 
A1. Lyn Collins - Think (About It) 
B1. Lyn Collins - Ain’t No Sunshine


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