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Golden Earrings - Miracle Mirror LP (180g)

Music On Vinyl

Side A

1. The Truth About Arthur
2. Circus Will Be In Town In Time
3. Crystal Heaven
4. Sam And Sue
5. I've Just Lost Somebody
6. Mr. Fortune's Wife

Side B

1. Who Cares?
2. Born A Second Time
3. Magnificent Magistral
4. Must I Cry?
5. Nothing Can Change This World Of Mine
6. Gipsy Rhapsody

Miracle Mirror is Golden Earring's third album and is recorded after the band made a few changes in their lineup. Rhythm guitarist Peter De Ronde had left the group and lead singer Frans Krassenburg was replaced by Barry Hay. This meant that Miracle Mirror is a very different album than its two predecessors.

One thing that the three albums do have in common is that they are all very much reflecting what's going on in the British music scene at that moment. In case of Miracle Mirror this means that psychedelia dominates, like the folkie "Gipsy Rhapsody", the blues-influenced "Must I Cry?" or the grand scale pop number "Crystal Heaven".

After 45 years this album still sounds spot-on and has gracefully worn the test of time!


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