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House Shoes - King James Version Cassette

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House Shoes - The King James Version, Chapter 1  " a lovingly and expertly constructed journey through the building blocks of Dilla’s beats – the dusty OG vinyl grooves that he sampled. From the basis of a Frank-N-Dank cult favorite, through that of a Fantastic SV moment, to Donuts’ irresistible ingredients, Shoes’ thorough work shines the light on his friend’s ear for a sneaky loop, his affection for perfectly imperfect chops and his knack for extracting the soul from a forgotten musical fragment and making it something altogether new, something his own. Long Live King James” -Chairman Mao XXLMag/EgoTrip/ Red Bull

SIDE A: The King James Version Chapter One: Verses 1 & 2

SIDE B: The King James Version Chapter One: Verses 3 & 4 


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