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INI - Center of Attention 2LP (Clear Vinyl)


This PETE ROCK produced 90s album is legendary, after being shelved by ELEKTRA unofficial vinyl copies kept interest high until it's official 2003 release as part of PETE ROCK's "LOST & FOUND" 2xCD retrospective! Sixteen tracks back on wax, full picture sleeve, clear vinyl. A golden era hip hop holy grail.  European Press.


  1. Intro (HIM)
  2. No More Words
  3. Step Up
  4. Think Twice
  5. Square One
  6. Life I Live
  7. Kross Roads
  8. To Each His Own
  9. Fakin Jax
  10. What You Say
  11. Props
  12. Center Of Attention
  13. Grown Man Sport
  14. Mind Over Matter
  15. Don't You Love It
  16. Microphonist Wanderlust


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