Beat Street Records

J-Zone - Lunch Breaks LP

Redifinition Records

Squid Nuggets
Banana Bread
Pimp Chowder
Bayou Shrimp Soup (With Mo Salt)
Ode To Sloppy Joe
Molotov Malt (With Mo Sugar)
Black And White Cookie
Maryland Crab Cakes
Stairstep Stew
Trukey Gizzard
Fish Grease
Scrambled Eggs
Candy Kane
Rib Eye Steak
Frog Legs
B-Boy Biscuits
Yams (Part 1)
Get Out My Life, Mayo
Hipster Food Truck Taco
Sardines And Collard Greens
Celery Strut
Pancake Stax
Nasty Baby Carrots
Pepper Was To
Green Eggs And Spam
Fried Quail
Fresh Sheep Sliders
Ginger Snaps
Escargot And Onion Rings
Random Appetizers


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