Beat Street Records

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 2LP


Available in store, April 16th 2016 for Record Store Day.  Extra copies will be available online April 17th.

For Record Store Day, Lil’ Wayne releases the first of the Carter Series: Tha Carter, as a 2 LP set with a limited edition Lenticular cover.

LP1 Side A 1 Walk In, 2 Go DJ, 3 This Is The Carter, 4 BM J.R., 0 On The Block #1, Side B 1 I Miss My Dawgs, 0 We Don't, 3 On My Own, 4 The Heat, 5 Cash Money Millionaires; LP2 Side A 1 Inside, 2 Bring It Back, 3 Who Wanna, 4 On The Block #2, 5 Get Down, 6 Snitch, Side B 1 Hoes, 2 Only Way, 3 Shine
4 Ain't That A Bitch, 5 Walk Out


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