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Molotow Burner Paint Marker 640PP


 The  metallic shades of the 440PP and 640PP markers are just as outstanding as those of the legendary MOLOTOW™ BURNER can. The BURNER markers feature the renowend technology which made our markers famous. Its patented Flowmaster™ pump-valve provides a constant paint-flow for quick applications, also on larger areas. The high-covering, alcohol based permanent paint and the exchangeable 20mm T-Style tip complete these professional tools - available in 6 brilliant colors.

The Molotow Burner Markers feature the infamous Burner Paint. This is same paint you find in the Molotow Burner cans. The Burner paint means these markers flow smoothly, are highly permanent and cover well on most surfaces. These markers feature a 20mm (almost 1 inch) T-nib which are replaceable. It also features a pump-action valve to help you easily regulate the flow of ink. REFILLABLE. 


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