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Parquet Courts - Human Performance LP

Rough Trade

Recorded over the course of a year against a backdrop of personal instability, Parquet Courts' third album Human Performance (Rough Trade) massively expands the idea of what a Parquet Courts record can be. They've been one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the last five years; this is the record that backs all those words up.

The sonic diversity, time, and existential effort that went into its creation makes Human Performance Parquet Courts' most ambitious record to date. It's a work of incredible creative vision born of seemingly insurmountable adversity. It is also their most accessible record yet. Deluxe vinyl packaging includes 16 pages of original artwork by Savage.

1. Dust
2. Human Performance
3. Outside
4. I Was Just Here
5. Paraphrased
6. Captive of the Sun
7. Steady On My Mind
8. One Man, No City
9. Berlin Got Blurry
10. Keep It Even
11. Two Dead Cops
12. Pathos Prairie
13. It's Gonna Happen


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