Beat Street Records

Piecebook Reloaded - Rare Graffiti Drawings

Sacha Jenkins

 Like its critically celebrated predecessor, 'Piecebook Reloaded' mimics the actual sketchbooks graffiti artists have drawn in and passed around for years. Featuring more than fifty renowned artists, including Reas, Doc TC5, Veefer, Revolt, Pure, Abby, Ces, Part, Ket, Cope 2, and more, 'Piecebook Reloaded' tells the tale of graffiti's evolution, from adrenalin-fueled street game to acceptance into the gallery world and corporate appropriation. From the mid-1980s through the first decade of the new century, distinctive styles pioneered by generations past took different shapes as new kids stepped up with spray cans in hand, taking what their "forebombers" created to heights never imagined. With paper stock identical to that of actual sketchbooks, as well as blank pages for readers to add their own masterpieces to the mix, 'Piecebook Reloaded' delivers the same creative intimacy and honesty that fans of the art found in the first Piecebook's pages.


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