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Seu Jorge - The Life Aquatic Studio (David Bowie Songs) 2LP (Clear Vinyl)


DAVID BOWIE's "CHANGES" exhibit got the world buzzin' again and "LIFE AQUATIC STUDIO SESSIONS" is a must have addition. The soundtrack got high marks in 2005, 14 BOWIE tunes sung in Portuguese in an acoustic exotic Bossa/Samba style. "REBEL REBEL","LIFE ON MARS?","ZIGGY" included.


  1. Rebel, Rebel
  2. Life On Mars?
  3. Astronauta De Marmore (Starman)
  4. Ziggy Stardust
  5. Lady Stardust
  6. Changes
  7. Oh! You Pretty Things
  8. Rock N Roll Suicide
  9. Suffragette City
  10. Five Years
  11. Queen Bitch
  12. When I Live My Dream
  13. Quicksand
  14. Team Zissou


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