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Smash Ink 4 oz

Smash Ink

 Smash will crush on other inks, simple as that. This Xylene ink is mad durable, flows smooth and works like a charm in Drip Mops. Tired of leaving that tell tale trail of wet writes? Well fear no more comrade! This ink is the most quickly drying ink we have seen! With the ill color palette, I'm sure you will find a choice color for you. Of course you can mix them to make new custom colors. The options are limitless! Another great feature is that this ink will take dyes mixed into it easily. just like Marsh!! Garvey and Grape Depression is the illest! Pilot Green and the Teal, fo' REAL! The bottom line is that this ink kills, and if you are a serious writer you will agree. Because most of them other inks be GOOORBAGE! And thats a fact jack! (Inks are all hand-poured so each bottle is unique!)


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