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Sublime - Jah Won't Pay The Bills Cassette


Available in store, April 16th 2016 for Record Store Day.  Extra copies will be available online April 17th.

This is the 25th anniversary of Sublime's first cassette EP and Record Store Day celebrates by reissuing it on CASSETTE TAPE for the first time since 1991. Nine of ten tracks have been reissued on various albums, compilations & boxset, and the demo version of “Date Rape” has only appeared on the original 1991 cassette. 420 green cassettes will be randomly shipped into record stores. Limited to 3500 copies.

Side A 1. D.J.s, 2. Badfish, 3. Let’s Go Get Stoned, 4. Newsong, 5. Had A Dat, Side B 1. Don’t Push, 2. Ball And Chain, 3. Slow Ride, 4. Date Rape, 5. Live at E’s


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