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The Subway Graffiti Sketchbook


 Graffiti Art has blazed a trail across the world, with amazing examples visible in every modern city, but its pioneers were the New Yorkers who painted whole subway cars.
For a few years in the 1970s and '80s, their creations made New York's subway system a unique, constantly evolving gallery of a new art form - a visual counterpoint to hip-hop and rap music, and a powerful expression
of urban culture. It couldn't last; the city authorities made powerful efforts to stop the artists, but their visual inventiveness has left a permanent mark on the urban art landscape.

Now, with The Subway Graffiti Sketchbook, today's graffiti artists will be able to go back to the medium's roots and find inspiration without fear of electrocution or arrest. The book contains 54 accurate line drawings of subway carriages, some with color or black-and-white line art on them to help you get started, but most clean and ready for use. The high-grade uncoated art paper enables you to use pencil, paint or marker pen, and the unique concertina binding will allow you to create amazing sequences of customized cars, perfect for display or just honing your skills.


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