Beat Street Records

X-Men Apocalypse Original Soundtrack 2LP

Music On Vinyl

Limited edition of 750 copies on coloured vinyl
Individually numbered
Includes 8 page booklet and poster
180 gram audiophile vinyl


Side One
A1 Apocalypse 3:43
A2 The Transference 3:50
A3 Pyramid Collapse / Main Titles 2:25
A4 Eric's New Life 1:27
A5 Just A Dream 1:16
A6 Moira's Discovery / Apocalypse Awakes 4:35
Side Two
B1 Shattered Life 2:54
B2 Going Grey / Who The F Are You? 1:49
B3 Eric's Rebirth 2:48
B4 Contacting Eric / The Answer! 5:01
B5 Beethoven Havok 2:53
B6 You Can See 1:31
B7 New Pyramid 2:13
Side Three
C1 Recruiting Psylocke 2:04
C2 Split Them Up! 4:15
C3 A Piece Of His Past 1:42
C4 The Magneto Effect 4:26
C5 Jet Memories 1:46
C6 The Message / Some Kind Of Weapon 4:01
Side Four
D1 Great Hero / You Betray Me 5:13
D2 Like A Fire 4:24
D3 What Beach? 1:51
D4 Rebuilding / Cuffed / Goodbye Old Friend 3:35
D5 You're X-Men / End Titles 4:09
Bonus Track
D6 Rest Young Child (Vocal Version) 2:18


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