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Death - Leprosy LP (Clear Vinyl With Pinwheel)


No extreme metal artist has come close to touching Death in scope, influence, or simply quality. The group of Floridian metal musicians led by Chuck Schuldiner started small, but would eventually develop a legendary sound: one that not only set the standard for the musical and conceptual approaches that would later define nearly all of extreme metal, but which also followed a clear narrative path in its development from raw and primal to complex and cerebral. Originally released in 1988, Leprosy was a pioneering album, building upon the thrash sounds of Metallica and Slayer but adding a previously unheard level of raw extremity. These songs are the roots of an entire genre: death metal. While this was only the second record Death released, it immediately cemented them as heavy metal icons.

  1. Leprosy
  2. Born Dead
  3. Forgotten Past
  4. Left To Die
  5. Pull The Plug
  6. Open Casket
  7. Primitive Ways
  8. Choke On It


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