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Death - Spiritual Healing LP (Clear Vinyl With Pinwheels)


No extreme metal artist has come close to touching Death in scope, influence, or simply quality. The group of Floridian metal musicians led by Chuck Schuldiner started small, but would eventually develop a legendary sound: one that not only set the standard for the musical and conceptual approaches that would later define nearly all of extreme metal, but which also followed a clear narrative path in its development from raw and primal to complex and cerebral. Death's landmark record, Spiritual Healing is nothing short of genre-defining. Originally released in 1990, it marked a new turn in the Death discography, one which ushered in cleaner production, a new level of boundary pushing musicianship and songwriting skills that were previously unimaginable from a metal band. Spiritual Healing sets the standard for riffs, insane time changes and of course Schuldiner's masterful guitar solos.

  1. Living Monstrosity
  2. Altering The Future
  3. Defensive Personalities
  4. Within The Mind
  5. Spiritual Healing
  6. Low Life
  7. Genetic Reconstruction
  8. Killing Spree


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