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Ivan Makvel - I Got Funk 7-Inch

Sleepers Recordz

Ivan Makvel has built a substantial profile as an artist and producer, well known within the street dance movement. In spite of this, he has remained largely behind the scenes while bringing his label, The Sleepers RecordZ, to the forefront of the modern funk scene. His label has released high-profile albums from artists such as Mofak, The APX, and others, and he has lent his musical talents to other labels as well, including Wicked Wax from Amsterdam, Voyage Funktastique in Montreal, and LA's MoFunk Records. Now, Ivan Makvel is stepping back into the spotlight with a new limited 7" release, which includes his certified funk classic "We Love You Roger" and a new track called "I Got Funk." Both tracks come dance floor ready, brimming with resonant bass lines and skull-shattering hand claps, not to mention the signature talkbox style that made "We Love You Roger" into the modern funk staple that it is. With only 300 copies of this limited 7" pressed, you'd be wise not to sleep on the latest installment from Sleepers.


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