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King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas Picture Disc

Metal Blade

For the first time ever, King Diamond's complete catalog is being made available on picture disc vinyl including the group's 1985 single No Presents for Christmas, the first music released by King's new band after the breakup of Mercyful Fate. Over the course of more than thirty years, among innumerable trends, ebbs and flows of the music industry, King Diamond remains as one of the most prolific and important figures in metal. With a career so extensive, anniversaries of note, as well as many of his contemporaries, have come and gone, but in 2018, King Diamond, the man and the band, celebrates the past as few acts can. "You can spiral yourself into darkness with these classic King Diamond albums, or you can exhibit them on your wall like I will. Either way, enjoy," says King.

  1. No Presents For Christmas
  2. Charon


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