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Maya Killtron - Persimmon LP

Love Touch

Singer/songwriter, violinist, and producer hunter Maya Killtron releases her sophomore album, Persimmon. A mix of modern boogie, funk, string quartet and yacht rock, the record is a definitive coming–of-a-certain-age for the Toronto native. The eclectic feel-good record came as a result of our collective pandemic upheaval. Tracks “Out Of My Life” and “Do It Again” that were created alongside producer HiFiLo, highlight the frustration with the status quo and a need to break the mold. Killtron keeps to her modern boogie roots with “Night Moves”—a glossy roller-worthy track made with long time collaborator Gil Masuda of Toronto’s Love Touch Records. She simultaneously evolves and returns to her roots as a classically trained violinist and arranger in her self produced track, Persimmon, which features her string quartet, Bowed Arts. Rounding out the record is “Guaranteed,” a co-produced track with UK’s Format-440 and also her tribute to “Reading Rainbow” through the lens of Ryan Farley’s Phil Collins-esque production in Del Rey. With Persimmon, Maya is solidifying her place as an established voice in modern boogie while breaking into new mainstream markets worldwide.

-Persimmon is Maya Killtron’s sophomore LP, which falls on the heels of her 2019 released debut, Never Dance Alone which charted in five top 20 spots on Canada’s Earshot radio charts.
-To date, Maya’s music has been featured by top tier media outlets such as NOISEY, Clash Magazine, Bandcamp Daily, Exclaim! And more.
-To boot, Maya was the headliner at this year’s Toronto’s Beaches Jazz Festival, Geary Art Crawl (2021), and the Southwestern Ontario Film Festival (2021).
-“Get your dancing shoes on, because Maya Killtron unleashes some authentic disco vibes…” -Singersroom


Introduction To Getting Out Of My Life
Out Of My Life
Night Moves
Do It Again
Did It Again (Outerlude)
Del Rey
Something About You