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Open Mike Eagle - Anime, Trauma And Divorce LP

Otherground Inc

As a comedian, podcast personality, and rapper, Open Mike Eagle has long followed his own path in entertainment. Through releases for respected hip-hop labels including Mello Music Group and Mush, as well as the recent Comedy Central series The New Negroes, he always finds ways to balance and blend his love for rap music and comedy. Mike also runs his own record label called Auto Reverse, which delivers his newest album Anime, Trauma, and Death. "It's all reflective of stuff I've been going through lately in real life," Mike says. "It's probably a darker project than what people are used to hearing from me, but it's based on stuff I really had to add to get off in order to survive psychologically. And that was before the world went to shit, so there's a lot in there." Featuring production from Black Milk, Gold Panda and Frank Leone and guest verses from Kari Faux and Video Dave, it follows up 2017's Brick Body Kids Still Daydream which made year end lists from NPR to Pitchfork.

  1. Death Parade
  2. Headass (Idiot Shinji)
  3. Sweatpants Spiderman
  4. Bucciarati
  5. Asa's Bop
  6. The Edge Of New Clothes
  7. Everything Ends Last Year
  8. The Black Mirror Episode
  9. WTF Is Self Care
  10. I'm A Joestar (Black Power Fantasy)
  11. Airplane Boneyard
  12. Fifteen Twenty Feet Ocean Nah (Live from the Joco Cruise)


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