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Opio + Unjust - Mark It Zero - 10 Year Anniversary LP (Picture Disc)

Elevation Nation

Covid or NoVid. We are proud to announce that to commemorate the 10 yr anniversary of 'Mark It Zero', the beloved Big Lebowski tribute album from Opio (Souls of Mischief, Hieroglyphics) and Unjust, we’re re-releasing the classic album on 12' phonotropic animated picture discs - When playing in direct light (light on it), and viewed through your phone, a hidden animation appears! This collectors item features 2 NEW previously unreleased exclusive songs! Experience this classic album, plus 2 exclusive new songs, in a new way - finally on vinyl with the extra layer of animated artwork. Happy day to all you urban achievers! And proud we are of all of them.

Track List

  1. Dios Mio
  2. What Happens
  3. Yeah
  4. Aggression (Interlude)
  5. Aggression
  6. Cannabis Club Skit
  7. C'mon
  8. World Of Pain
  9. Weed Man Skit
  10. Far Out
  11. Alright
  12. Zombie


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