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Siouxsie And The Banshees - Tinderbox LP (180g)


180g Vinyl LP of Siouxsie Sioux & the Banshees' Tinderbox: Remastered from the Original Quarter-Inch Analog Tapes, Cut at Half Speed at Abbey Road, and Overseen by Founding Band Members

Revered by generations of fans and cited as an influence by PJ Harvey, Morrissey and Sinead O'Connor, the enigmatic Siouxsie Sioux remains one of rock's most iconic figures. Yet it was her devotion to her own favorite band – notorious punks Sex Pistols – which first brought her to the attention of the wider public. But it wouldn't be long before she'd release genre-defining albums of her own with the post-punk group the Banshees. With 1986's dark and haunting yet more uptempo Tinderbox, Siouxsie and Co. finally reached the U.S. Top 100, largely on the strength of the excellent dance club/alternative radio hit "Cities in Dust."

  1. Candyman
  2. The Sweetest Chill
  3. This Unrest
  4. Cities In Dust
  5. Cannons
  6. Party's Fall
  7. 92°
  8. Lands End


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