Beat Street Records

Stitching Small Tears (A Vancouver Electronic Music Compilation) 2LP

Alien Replicant

Limited edition of 200 copies. Track D6 by Blair Petrie is a bonus track that does not appear on the previous cassette and CDr issues.

A1 –Schmegal Brothers Theme from Nuns in Trouble 02:28
A2 –Schmegal Brothers Guitar Pan With Static 00:54
A3 –Schmegal Brothers Dim Horns with Pump Guitar 01:44
A4 –Schmegal Brothers Enverted Rumble with Click 01:01
A5 –Schmegal Brothers Double Marimba Sectional 01:53
A6 –Schmegal Brothers Jes' Hollerin' 03:04
A7 –Paul Rudolph & Gerald Toon Peter's Piece 11:22
B1 –Glen Nelson Moving in Reverse 03:28
B2 –Glen Nelson Satellite Vision 03:19
B3 –Glen Nelson No Title 03:10
B4 –Melodic Energy Commission Crossing The Sacred Sea 06:23
B5 –Courage Of Lassie* All That Remains Of Corinth 04:48
C1 –Paul Dolden Asthenosphere 09:55
C2 –Blair Petrie Pamela 03:09
C3 –Courage Of Lassie* Iron 5:05
C4 –Si Monki* Don't Leave Me 04:30
D1 –Black Humour* Untitled 05:12
D2 –Tunnel Canary Excerpt From Er Dang 03:09
D3 –Mechanism (5) Black Christmas 01:35
D4 –Mechanism (5) A Ghost In Daylight 02:18
D5 –Del Dettmar Pacific Rain Forest 06:36
D6 –Blair Petrie Threshold 03:30


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