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The Damned - Music For Pleasure LP

Drastic Plastic

Along with their trailblazing debut, Damned Damned Damned, which was issued just a handful of months prior,Music for Pleasure helped define the still nebulous punk generation and became a critical part of the soundtrack of the summer of hate (1977). Produced by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd in an interesting twist, highlights come in the form of punchy cuts like "Politics," "Alone," "Your Eyes," and "Creep (You Can't Fool Me)" while the band even humors Mason with some slight psychedelic flourishes on closer "You Know." Closing the door on the seminal English punk-rock group's first chapter, Music for Pleasure would be their last with guitarist Brian James who was also the primary songwriter for their first two LPs.

  1. Problem Child
  2. Don't Cry Wolf
  3. One Way Love
  4. Politics
  5. Stretcher Case
  6. Idiot Box
  7. You Take My Money
  8. Alone
  9. Your Eyes
  10. Creep (You Can't Fool Me)
  11. You Know


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