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The Vapor Caves - Feel Yourself LP

Sign Yourself Music

The Vapor Caves are a Texas-bred, R&B/modern funk outfit. A “vapor cave” is a rarity in nature, found underground, billowing mineral-rich steam known for its magical healing properties. The duo proudly pays homage to this natural phenomenon, synthesizing medicine for those who enter. The duo has drawn comparisons to such acts as Robyn, The Internet, Chromeo, & Tuxedo.

With BoomBaptist (Guilty Simpson, Black Milk) behind the synths and samplers and Yadira Brown contributing all lyrical and vocal duties, "Feel Yourself" is a dance record, a journey inward, meant to evoke self-reflection. This album was mastered by Rob Murray (Mark Ronson, David Gray) and mixed by Bird Peterson for beautiful, lush, 180 gram vinyl. Their first run of "Feel Yourself" quickly sold out and this second run, internationally distributed for the first time, is limited to only 250 pressings.



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