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Adrian Younge And Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Luke Cage Volume 2


Mondo Music, in partnership with Marvel, is proud to present the soundtrack to the Netflix Original Series: Marvel's Luke Cage Season Two. The all new score by composers Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (The Midnight Hour) is an incredible follow up to one of the best scores of 2016. Set in the aftermath of the first season, our hero has finally cleared his name but finds himself up against an all new opponent that threatens Harlem...the mysterious and powerful Bushmaster. Recorded in the winter of 2018 in Los Angeles, CA, at Blakeslee Studios and Linear Labs Studios, by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad - the score to Luke Cage Season Two is just as epic and powerful as the first. Exploring the vast sonic cultural landscape of Harlem, Adrian and Ali have introduced a dub-reggae motif for the character of Bushmaster on top of the classic themes that made the original soundtrack so essential.


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