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Afrosound, The - Fiebre En La Jungla / Wganda Ke nya - Tipit Hayed 7-Inch

Mr. Bongo

The Afrosound - Fiebre en la Jungla

The Afrosound were produced by Fruko. This is a highly sought after afro-latin Disco Fuentes 45 from Colombian group The Afrosound, covering The Chakachas ‘Fiebre en la Jungla’ with added erotic vocals! This song never appeared on any of their LP’s.

Wganda Kenya - Tipit Heyd

Super rare Cumbia 45 originally released on Disco Fuentes, produced by that man Fruko once again. Afro-Colombian influences are strong here, and typical of the Caribbean coast area in Colombia. The track never made it onto any of their albums.


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