Art Ensemble Of Chicago - A Jackson In Your House LP (Orange Vinyl)


OFFICIAL BYG ALBUM - Facsimile 1969 BYG Records album - Deluxe gatefold sleeve with matte laminate varnish - Mastered to vinyl by Nick Robbins - Insert featuring liner notes by Kevin Le Gendre

'A Jackson in Your House' is the first of the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s renowned trio of albums for BYG's Actuel series.

This album is The Art Ensemble’s most celebrated release and finds the American avant-garde jazz collective at their most sensational, mocking and startling original best in a session from June 1969, at Studio Saravah.

Recorded in Paris during the aftermath of widespread anti-government protests and student riots, it demonstrates what can happen when four highly intuitive and accomplished musicians, fired by Black Nationalism and dreams of liberation and with an array of diverse instruments at their disposal, allow their inspiration free rein.

“The tracks on ‘A Jackson in Your House’ challenge us to view music in a different light - as a source of enlightenment, rather than mere entertainment, and also wonderment born of togetherness, courage, beauty and surprise, mixed with terrifying honesty”. John Masouri

    1. A Jackson in Your House
    2. Get in Line
    3. The Waltz
    1. Ericka
    2. Song For Charles