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Artifacts - That's Them 2LP

Smoke On

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Double Vinyl LP 1 Yellow, LP2 Orange
12x12 Poster


1LP A-B Yellow

A1 Art of Scratch (Intro)
A2 Art of Facts
A3 31 Bumrush
A4 To Ya Chest
A5 Where Yo Skillz At

B1 Collaboration of Mics
B2 The Ultimate
B3 It's Gettin' Hot
B4 This Is da Way
B5 The Interview

2LP C-D Orange

C1 Break It Down
C2 Skwad Training
C3 Ingredients to Time Travel
C4 Return to da Wrongside
C5 Who's This

D1 The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix)
D2 Getting Hot (prod. DJ Spinna Remix)
D3 Brick City Kids
D4 What what