Barber in the Living Room - Barber in the Living Room LP


  • Pressed on Clear Vinyl
  • Featuring album art by Hiroshi Nagai
  • 45 rpm

The 1st album of BARBER IN THE LIVINGROOM, a Fukuoka city pop newcomer with an impressive jacket drawn by Hiroshi Nagai, will be released as an analog record!

BARBER IN THE LIVINGROOM, a five-member city pop band based in Fukuoka that Hiroshi Nagai also started seeing.

This album brings together the core parts of each of the five members, who have a deep knowledge of music, and is suitable for their first album. It is a piece that embodies modern city pop. The groovy rhythm section and soulful singing voice, the coexistence of nostalgia and newness, is a work that resonates not only with the 80’s city pop generation but also with current city pop listeners.

In addition, this album is a challenging work that can be called a “remote work” , so to speak, by mixing the sound sources recorded by each member at home during the corona wreck. 45 rpm specification, all 6 songs included.