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Blind Melon - Nico LP (180g)

Analog Spark

Available on Vinyl for the First Time: Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and Pressed and Plated at QRP

Issued in the wake of the drug overdose of frontman Shannon Hoon, 1996's Nico isn't an "album" in the customary sense of the word. Which is right and good, since Blind Melon never did anything in a customary way. It's not like a photo album chronicling the years or a passport regaling where you've been. It's more lie a shoe box that someone collected mementos in, slipped a rubber band around and stashed in a trunk or drawer.You shake it, look inside, and find, something there more real than a picture or autograph.

After you close the lid and snap the rubber band back, its contents become an accidental portrait of the person who collected them. Dedicated to Nico Blue Hoon, Shannon's greatest creation, this third and last
Blind Melon collection from the band's original incarnation, comes out of the drawer for her and for Blind Melon's fans, to discover and look back. 

Available on vinyl for the first time, Nico includes an alternate mix of Top 20 single "No Rain," covers of John Lennon ("John Sinclair") and Steppenwolf ("The Pusher"), compelling Hoon acoustic numbers ("All That I Need," "Life Ain't So Shitty") and a pair of outtakes from the Soup sessions ("Swallowed" and "Pull"). 180-gram vinyl housed in a Stoughton deluxe gatefold old style tip-on jacket. Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed and plated at QRP.

  1. The Pusher
  2. Hell
  3. Soup
  4. No Rain (Ripped Away Version)
  5. Soul One
  6. John Sinclair
  7. All That I Need
  8. Glitch
  9. Life Ain't So Shitty
  10. Swallowed
  11. Pull
  12. St. Andrew's Hall
  13. Letters From A Porcupine


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