Tru Thoughts

Bonobo - One Off's, Remixes & B Sides 2LP


Limited 180g Double Vinyl + download card.

Successfully beating the bootleggers at their own game, ‘One Offs’ offers Bonobo fans the chance to get their mitts on rare 12” and 7” cuts, as well as some truly exceptional remixes.

In between Bonobos critically-acclaimed debut, Animal Magic, and his first album for Ninja Tune, Dial M for Monkey, Tru Thoughts decided to release this compilation of hard-to-find tracks from his early 12 and 7 and remixes (especially after they found bootlegs of the music appearing). The songs on this album capture many different moods and scenes, evoking wide swathes of differing emotions and musical styles (for example, check the Italian feel of The Sicilian originally released on Fly Casual, or the Arabian edge to the Monkey mans reworking of Amon Tobins 4 Ton Mantis). All the while though, the album retains a recognisable musical signature of its own: this balance between broad-minded eclecticism and a well-defined style gives some indication as to why Bonobos music, as well as being critically lauded, has been licensed to over 50 compilation albums across the world, covering a variety of music scenes! There are countless gems on the album, which even steadfast admirers of Bonobos two other albums may have previously found nigh-on impossible to get their mitts on. The remix of Mechanical Me and Beachy Head stands out as a real treat, being the only time Bonobos music has incorporated vocals. Here the female vocal, layered over lazy beats, is like a siren enticing you to come closer - truly intoxicating. Also included, for the first time together on CD, are the tracks Scuba and The Sicilian: both contain early indications of how Bonobos song writing skills were to develop. The fusion of acoustic guitar, a lazy clarinet, delicate strings and a rolling break is seamlessly beguiling; these firm foundations can be seen to have laid the foundations for Animal Magic. The tidal strings and vibes along with the skipping beat of The Shark bring on a strong jazz flavour all you need is your shades, a packet of Gitanes and a sports car. The remixes of his work by fellow label mates, Quantic and Jon Kennedy (now signed to Grand Central (sic)) are also fantastic reinterpretations of the originals and reinforce the widely-held notion that the Tru Thoughts artist roster mines a rich seam of talent. Similarly, Bonobos friendship with fellow Brighton resident Amon Tobinled to the former remixing the latters 4 Ton Mantis and its eastern melodies underpinned by heavy head nodding beats and a driving piano make this another hidden delight. Although this is a compilation album, the individual musical style of Bonobo makes One Offs, Remixes and B Sides work together as a pleasurable album for anyone who enjoys great distinctive music.