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Boogie Times Records 4LP

Boogie Times Records

A 16-song, 4 x LP album celebrating the legendary record shop and home of the seminal jungle/D&B label SUBURBAN BASE and sister label BOOGIE TIMES, Includes rarities and collectables, as well as several alternate and unreleased versions. (BOOGIE TIMES)

A1. Phuture Assassins - I Like Techno
A2. D'Cruze - I Believe
B1. DJ Peekay - Come My Selecta
B2. E-Type - Listen Up (Listen Louder Mix) (Unreleased '91)
C1. D'Cruze ft. Rachel Wallace - Life ('92)
C2. GBH - Back From The Grave (Enslave Your Mind Mix) (Unreleased '92)
D1. E-Type - Triple X (X-Rated X-Tended Mix) (Unrelease '91)
D2. E.Kude - Never Let Go ('92)
E1. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Higher ('91)
E2. Max Voltage - Make You Scream ('91)
F1. E.Kude - Common Sensi ('92)
F2. Double D AKA Q-Bass - The Unnamed Amen (Limited Promo Only '94)
G1. Timebase ft. Kromozone AKA Krome & Time - Unity (The Key to Success Mix) (Unreleased '91)
G2. E.Kude - Don't Be Afraid
H1. Phuture Assassins - Phuture Assassins - Theme (On Speed Mix) (Unreleased '90)
H2. E-Type - M25's ('91)