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Bossa Tres - Imprevisto / Ana Rosely - Skim Dum Dum Dum 7-Inch

Mr. Bongo

'Imprevisto' is one of the most unmistakable Brazilian jazz records ever made in our opinion. Dramatic intro and hypnotic piano line, decorated with panned percussion before the hats come in. Then the upright bass. A true classic.

Bossa Três formed in 1961 in Rio. They spent most of their early years touring jazz clubs in the USA, before the original line up and their pianist - and perhaps most well known band member - Luis Carlos Vinhas, returned to Brazil.

This is the final track on their ‘Em Forma!’ LP from 1965, released on Forma. ‘Imprevisto’ has never been released on a 7”.

We know very little about Ana Rosely. She released four 7” 2-track records between 1975 and 1984, the latter featuring the brilliant ‘Skim Dum Dum Dum’. The original version was released by RGE Discos in 1984, which came as a surprise to us given the sound. It is very difficult to find an original copy in good condition and they are, as ever, increasing in price.


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