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Buckshot & 9th Wonder - The Solution 2LP

Duck Down


9th Wonder & Buckshot have been building their brand name as a group for over 7 years. The MC/Production duo first started to work together in 2005 when they debuted with ‘Chemistry,’ which is over 28,000 units scanned. Soon after 9th Wonder won a grammy-award for his work with Mary J Blige & has gone on to produce for the likes of Destiny’s Child, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Nas & more.

In 2008, 9th Wonder & Buckshot released their sophomore album, ‘The Formula,’ that has scanned over 25,000 units. Buckshot then went on to work with KRS-ONE for their group project, ‘Survival Skills,’ (2009) that has scanned more than 30,000 units. Last year, 9th Wonder released ‘Wonder Years,’ which has sold over 15,000 units. Now in 2012 9th Wonder & Buckshot are back to work together for their upcoming album ‘The Solution.’


1. The Big Bang 

2. What I Gotta Say 

3. Stop Rapping 

4. Crazy 

5. The Feeling 

6. SAM 

7. Pat Em Down 

8. Keep It Going

9. The Change Up 

10. Shorty Left featuring Rapsody 

11. You featuring DyMe-A-DuZin 

12. The Solution


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