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Capcom Sound Team - Resident Evil 2 Soundtrack 2LP

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A1 The Beginning Of Story
A2 Annette's Recollection
A3 Normal End Title
A4 Special End Title
A5 Credit Line Of Whole Staff
A6 Prologue
A7 Raccoon City
A8 The Front Hall
B1 The First Floor
B2 The Second Floor
B3 Secure Place
B4 Leon With Claire
B5 The Library
B6 Sherry's Theme
B7 The Basement Of Police Station
B8 T-A
B9 The First Malformation Of G
B10 Ada's Theme
C1 The Marshalling Yard (The First Half)
C2 The Marshalling Yard (The Latter Half)
C3 The Second Malformation Of G
C4 Is Ada Spy!?
C5 Escape From Laboratory
D1 Good Bye, Leon
D2 Mother
D3 One More Kiss
D4 T-B
D5 The Third Malformation Of G
D6 And After That...
D7 Credit Line


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