Beat Street Records

Casey Bill Weldon & Kokomo Arnold - Bottleneck Guitar Trendsetters Of The 1930s LP


A1 –Casey Bill Weldon You Just As Well Let Her Go
A2 –Casey Bill Weldon Go Ahead, Buddy
A3 –Casey Bill Weldon Lady Doctor Blues
A4 –Casey Bill Weldon The Big Boat
A5 –Casey Bill Weldon Hitch Me To Your Buggy And Drive Me Like A Mule
A6 –Casey Bill Weldon You Shouldn't Do That
A7 –Casey Bill Weldon Back Door Blues
B1 –Kokomo Arnold The Twelves (The Dirty Dozens)
B2 –Kokomo Arnold I'll Be Up Someday
B3 –Kokomo Arnold Busy Bootin'
B4 –Kokomo Arnold Sagefield Woman Blues
B5 –Kokomo Arnold Back To The Woods
B6 –Kokomo Arnold Salty Dog
B7 –Kokomo Arnold Feels So Good


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