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Chambers - Sigma Flare EP 2


Ex Yellow Swans member, Gabriel Saloman, teams up with Vancouver, BC mainstain, Michael Red, for the spontaneous, yet congruent collaborative project, Chambers. DBL100 acts as the second in a two part piece by the adventurous experimentalists, and is the final iteration of the Sigma Flare sessions.

Sigma Flare II is a narration of Saloman and Red’s minds, a manifestation of a journey marked by texture-heavy melodic arrangement and dub-style rhythms. This session captures the lush, natural beauty of the artists' Pacific Northwest home while simultaneously sketching its ominous yet vibrant urban sprawls -- a work full of thoughtful and spacious production that leads the listener through gentle corridors and meditative plateaus. Never has a moment been more shepherded by seemingly endless organic improv and exploration, while appearing to end so seamlessly at the very place it began.

Sigma Flare II is the final piece in Chambers' inaugural session, a statement, that will soundtrack your headspace and internalizations for an indeterminate period to come. DBL100 will be released in full May 27th, 2016 via Debacle Records.


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