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Charles Mingus - East Coastin LP

Wax Love

East Coasting sounds like the prototypical 1950's jazz recording. It's something one would hear in an attic converted to a bedroom where an artist or lonely soul might live. It's what a lot of people might believe Jazz would or should sound like. Highly recommended to Jazz lovers and perhaps more importantly to young people who have just been blown away by Kerouac's novel On The Road and have become interested in exploring Jazz. East Coasting will allow them to get a taste of lost creative America. 
Charles Mingus (bass)
Bill Evans (piano)
Clarence Shaw (trumpet)
Jimmy Knepper (trombone)
Shafi Hadi (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone)
Dannie Richmond (drums)
Track Listing:
1. Memories Of You
2. East Coasting
3. West Coast Ghost
4. Celia
5. Conversation
6. Fifty-First Street Blues


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