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Chris And Cosey - Songs Of Love & Lust LP (Turquoise Vinyl)

Conspiracy International

Songs Of Love & Lust was originally released by Rough Trade Records in 1984 and at the time was considered to be quite a departure for both Throbbing Gristle's Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti and the label. The album contains Chris & Cosey's trademark infectious rhythms, melodic tunes, edgy guitar, wailing cornet and of course Cosey's unique vocals - which give a dark and sensual edge to the production. This 2019 colored vinyl LP repress includes a glossy insert with historic photographs and press clippings.

"A vice-like turn of the screw that is at once dreamy, hard and compelling. A gathering of all those forces which give electronic music a heart of its own. This is seduction!" - Adrian Jones (City Limits, 1984)

"Chris & Cosey's alluring invitation is to try another world: their promise is that the possibilities should be endless." - Don Watson (NME, 1984)


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