Beat Street Records

Chris Crack - Sheep Hate Goats LP

Chong Wizard

Sold out.

A1 Chris Crack– Wide Nose Watermelon Eating Silverback Gorilla 2:08
A2 Chris Crack– Suckas for Stepping Stones 2:23
A3 Chris Crack– Don't Check Up on Me, I'm Good 2:33
A4 Chris Crack– No Romance Without Finance 1:24
A5 Chris Crack, Ugly Boy Modeling– Side Pussy Might Save the Marriage 1:54
A6 Chris Crack, Surfboard C, Mr. E– Too Famous to Sneak In 2:06
A7 Chris Crack, Chuuwee– No Such Thing As Trap Phones 2:48
A8 Chris Crack– Sex Dreams About Platonic Friends 3:10
A9 Chris Crack– Braided Booty Hair 1:07
B1 Chris Crack– Shouldaboughtahonda 2:08
B2 Chris Crack– Turn Your Simp Off 2:29
B3 Chris Crack– Can't Rob the Magician 0:57
B4 Chris Crack– Recently Deleted Saved My Life 1:40
B5 Chris Crack– Condoms From Target 1:54
B6 Chris Crack– Smile Cause It Happened 1:56
B7 Chris Crack– Nigga Ain't Runnin No More 1:01
B8 Chris Crack, Michael Christmas– Sorry, I'm Building My Brand 2:28
B9 Chris Crack– Out Of My Mind, Please Leave A Message 1:39


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