Beat Street Records

Chris Webby - Wednesday After Next 2LP


2019 marked the third consecutive year Connecticut rapper Chris Webby has released an album in the Wednesday series. His growth year over year is unmatched. Produced by JP On Da Track, Wednesday After Next includes features from Dizzy Wright, Alandon, Vincent Pastore, Jitta On The Track, Justina Valentine, Skrizzly Adams, ANoyd, Krizz Kaliko, Bennett, Locksmith, Sway Calloway, Bria Lee, Merkules, Lil Windex, Snak The Ripper, Mark Battles, R-Mean, Beanz and Jelly Roll.


  1. Best in the Burbs
  2. High Grade (feat. Dizzy Wright & Alandon)
  3. Don Corleone (feat. Vincent Pastore)
  4. Babylon Burning (feat. Jitta on the Track)
  5. Lights Out (feat. Justina Valentine)
  6. Paid
  7. Flawed (feat. Skrizzly Adams)
  8. Pipe Down (feat. Anoyd)
  9. Best Out (feat. Krizz Kaliko)


  1. Forged in Fire (feat. Locksmith, Alandon & Sway Calloway)
  2. Our Planet (feat. Bria Lee)
  3. STFU (feat. Merkules & Lil Windex)
  4. Love Me, Hate Me (feat. Snak the Ripper, Mark Battles, R-Mean, Beanz)
  5. They Don't Know (feat. Jelly Roll)
  6. Optimus Rhyme
  7. Stuck in My Ways
  8. Wednesday After Next