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Esoteric - Esoteric vs Japan CD

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Many know Esoteric as the rhyme partner of Wu-Tang's Inspectah Deck with their group CZARFACE and their collaboration with MF DOOM, but before Czarface landed on Earth, his co-creator was trapped in Japan during a nuclear explosion. Esoteric emerged from the waters of Tokyo Bay, bringing chaos, crisis, and hysteria with him.

Armed only with the sounds of 70's and 80's Japanese classics, Esoteric must strike against the uncompromising forces that aim to dismember him. The sound he created, which he calls "Mecha Mecha," stands as the boldest of the daring directions Esoteric has taken his music. With other genre-bending efforts such as Czarface meets Metal Face and Czarface meets Ghostface, the world needs to hear how he handles the beautiful country of Japan. For the first time ever on vinyl, exclusively on red wax, we bring you Esoteric vs. Japan: Pterodactyl Takes Tokyo.

Track List

A1. Mecha Mecha

A2. Real Rap Design (feat. Moe Pope)

A3. Gaiking Skydragon Rap

A4. My New Favorite

A5. Neo-Tokyo (feat. Eddie Meeks & Main Flow)

A6. 24-Karat Fiction

A7. Wrestlelectro (feat. Will C)

A8. Pterolab Beat Oven

B1. Gigantor Says Anything

B2. Feudal Lords (feat. Nejel Mongrel)

B3. Knifegirl

B4. Demoralizer (feat. King Magnetic)

B5. God Less America

B6. Gargoyle Gang Face Science

B7. Godzilla Stomp

B8. Heroic Trio (feat. Will C & Karma)


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