Beat Street Records

Curtis Mayfield - Superfly 2LP (Deluxe Version)

Run Out Groove

A1 Little Child Runnin' Wild 5:28
A2 Pusherman 5:07
A3 Freddie's Dead 5:28
A4 Junkie Chase 1:42
B1 Give Me Your Love 4:21
B2 Eddie You Should Know Better 2:21
B3 No Thing On Me 4:59
B4 Think 3:49
B5 Superfly 3:56
C1 Freddie's Dead (Single Mix) 3:21
C2 Superfly (Single Mix) 3:12
C3 Ghetto Child (Demo Of "Little Child Runnin' Wild") 3:19
C4 Pusherman (Alt Mix W/ Horns) 6:12
C5 Freddie's Dead (Instrumental) 4:50
D1 Junkie Chase (Full Length Instrumental Version) 4:19
D2 No Thing On Me (Instrumental/Score Version) 4:39
D3 Militant March 0:55
D4 Eddie You Should Know Better (Instrumental) 2:17
D5 Radio Spot #1 0:28
D6 The Underground (1970 Demo) 3:14
D7 Check Out Your Mind (Instrumental) 4:08
D8 Radio Spot #2 0:24