Beat Street Records

Da Buze Bruvaz presents Clever 1 - Kevlar Ski Jacketz CD

Grilchy Party

In this world there is the constant War between Organized levels of Underground Economics & the subsidized Laws of the Land.

Clever 1 Plays his Role as the Head of Resistance Against Police, Judicial/Prison Systems, Federal Government and others. Clev Said F&%$ All of Them. In this You Receive An Urban introduction to The Street Expendables utilizing the Old Fashion Methodology of Robbing the Rich & Feeding The Poor.

In his latest album Clever 1 isn't wasting a moment of breath while taking any and everything for his perseverance and enduring survival. Some folks come to the party dressed to the nines.....Clever 1 shows up with the nine's and stays dipped in Kevlar Ski Jacketz..