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Danger Doom - The Mouse and The Mask 2LP (10th Anniversary Limited Edition)


10th anniversary reissue of the hugely successful collaborative album between super producer Danger Mouse and underground rap legend MF DOOM. The album features notable guest spots from Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah and pre Gnarls Barkley, CeeLo Green. The album also features skits and contributions from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim characters Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sea Lab 2010, Space Ghost and more. The album was a critical and commercial success and the iconic UK version of the vinyl designed by longterm Lex collaborator EHQuestionmark has been long sought after. 
The outer sleeve is made from thick translucent textured plastic with DOOM's mask printed on the cover, and mouse ears on each side of the mask forming a pattern that looks like a Rorschach test (a technique reused in another Danger Mouse project six months later). The inner sleeves, visible through the outer at first glance pattern based on an Ishihara test, but inside the circles in the pattern are tiny icons depicting a different disasters - climate change, acid rain, holy war, nuclear leaks.
The reissue is presented in the exact same spec as the original double vinyl including the custom made frosted plastic outersleeve, spot flouro and metallic pantone printed inner sleeves. The album originally debuted at #2 on the Billboard independent albums charts. Subsequent releases from Danger Mouse include Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz and Broken Bells, as well as production work for Beck, A$AP Rocky and the Black Keys. DOOM is, of course, the legendary producer/MC behind the Special Herbs series, Madvillainy (with Madlib) and collaborations with Jneiro Jarel and Bishop Nehru.
Track Listing:
1.  El Chupa Nibre
2.  Sofa King
3.  The Mask feat. Ghostface Killah & Mark Linkous
4.  Perfect Hair
5.  Benzie Box feat. Cee-lo
6.  Old School feat. Talib Kweli
7.  A.T.H.F.
1.  Basket Case
2.  No Names feat. Money Mark
3.  Crosshairs
4.  Mince Meat
5.  Vats Of Urine
6.  Space Ho's
7.  Bada Bing


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