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Death Grips - The Powers That B 2LP + Download (180g)


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Niggas On The Moon
A1 Up My Sleeves 5:17
A2 Billy Not Really 3:49
A3 Black Quarterback 3:00
A4 Say Hey Kid 3:28
B1 Wargasm 9:45
B2 Bear Destroyer 12:08
Jenny Death
C1 I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States 2:41
C2 Inanimate Sensation 6:05
C3 Turned Off 4:38
C4 Why A Bitch Gotta Lie 4:41
C5 Pss Pss 4:34
D6 The Powers That B 5:33
D7 Beyond Alive 6:08
D8 Centuries Of Damn 5:33
D9 On GP 6:08


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