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Death Piggy (GWAR) - Welcome To The Record LP


Pre-GWAR mayhem. This is the band that started it all. Before he became Oderus Urungus, Dave Brockie fronted Richmond VA art-punk weirdos Death Piggy. All three of their EPs are combined here with unreleased and compilation tracks on 180g green vinyl with experimental etchings, remastered from the original tapes and with liner notes written by the band's guitarist Russ Bahorsky. First American vinyl pressing in over 30 years.

BONUS DOWNLOAD CONTENT WITH PURCHASE: 20 minute never-before heard live improv acoustic set from 1984, recorded as the band surprised business owners and pedestrians on the street with an impromptu performance.

1 G-O-D Spells God 2 Splatter Flick 3 Eat The People 4 Fat Man 5 Nympho 6 Bathtub In Space 7 No Prob, Dude 8 Mangoes & Goats 9 Welcome To The Record 10 Boner 11 Showbiz 12 Dinner In The Morning

1 Whippin' Around The Bay 2 Ceramic Butt 3 Poet 4 Ground "B" Sound 5 Joey Died Today 6 Minute 2 Live 7 Scabs (UNRELEASED 8 Ewoks (UNRELEASED) 9 Fear Of Murder (RARE)

20 minute live improv acoustic set from 1984, captured as the band surprised business owners and passerby on the street by showing up unannounced with their instruments. (ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THE DOWNLOAD OF THE ALBUM, INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE OF THE LP)

1. Hey, It's Okay 2. Jeff Slater 3. You Can Eat Dinner If You Want To 4. Something In A / The Day After The Music Died 5. Jingle Bells / Leprosy 6. Purple Haze